RSP Political Party in Dakshin Dinajpur District

RSP political party is one of the major parties contesting in West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 The other major parties contesting in the West Bengal Assembly Election are ABGL,ABHM,AIFB,AIMF,AITC,AJSU,Amra Bangalee,BJP,BSP,CPI,CPI(M),CPI(ML)(L),DSP,GJM,GNLF,IJP,INC,Independent,INL,IPFB,IUC,IUML,JAP,JD(S),JD(U),JDP,
SUCI (C ). Assembly Election results ascertain the success or failure of these alliances. Below we have listed the results of RSP political party in Dakshin Dinajpur constituencies.

BalurghatBISWANATH CHOUDHURY 0 49204(0%)RSP Lost
KushmandiNARMADA CHANDRA ROY 0 66368(0%)RSP Won
TapanKHARA SOREN 0 53986(0%)RSP Lost

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